January 15–21: “Come and Partake of the Fruit” 1 Nephi 6–10

January 15–21: “Come and Partake of the Fruit” 1 Nephi 6–10
Lehi’s Dream, by Steven Lloyd Neal



The God of the Book of Mormon is the same God of the Old Testament. Nephi, after having just told a story that mimics the stories of the very scriptures he just retrieved, reaffirms in plain language that his story is to be taken seriously by those who believe the ones on the brass plates (the Old Testament). He reaffirms that his God is the same God that is worshipped in the Old Testament and that his father is not starting a new religion, but carrying out the correct religion found on the brass plates.


Compare to Genesis 2:18-24. As the sons of Lehi are driven into the wilderness they are then commanded to go back to Jerusalem to find wives--there is also a wife for Zoram as well. This emphasis on family persists throughout Nephi’s narrative. I see it as Nephi teaching us the sealing doctrine through his story. Adam is sealed to Eve in the Garden of Eden and now Nephi and his brothers must repeat the process and be sealed to their own wives. Eternal families comes up again in Lehi’s vision.


Nephi proves his godliness through his reaction to the evils of his brothers. They try to kill him, again, but Nephi never condemns them. He only asks the Lord for strength to bear their wickedness and to show them the power of God. As soon as his brother’s recognize their error, Nephi forgives them. How does the power of God assist Nephi in not only escaping death, but in showing kindness to his brothers? How can we do the same?


Lehi has another temple experience which leads him to the vision of the Tree of Life.


Lehi enters in the presence of God (by taking the fruit) and his first thought is, I want my family with me. Immediately his family comes to him and partakes of the fruit also, entering into the presence of God as well. This vision is detailing the doctrine of familial sealings. Gen 2:18 “It is not good for man to be alone.” And Lehi is shown in his vision, that man will not be alone in the presence of God, but that he will have his righteous family members to dwell with him in the presence of God. Not just as other people who have come to God, but as his family. Sariah as his wife and mother to his children. And Nephi and Sam as his sons.


The vision of the Tree of Life is a theme that lays out the remainder of the narrative of the Book or Mormon. When studying the book, if you do so from the perspective of this vision, you can find out what each story in the Book of Mormon is trying to teach us about God and how the choices we make lead us either to the Tree of Life or into the mists of darkness. As we read through the Book of Mormon we should be looking for a few key things in each story. First, what is the fruit? Second, what is the mists of darkness? Third, what types of people on the path are portrayed in the story? Fourth, what choices do those people make that cause them to either fall into the mists of darkness or go toward the Tree of Life?


These are the four types of people that Lehi sees in his vision: 1. Those who are lost in the mists of darkness. 2. Those who go forwarding, clinging to the rod and they partake of the fruit, but are then driven into the mists because they are ashamed. 3. Those who hold fast to the iron rod and partake of the fruit and remain at the tree. 4. Those who are in the great and spacious building, mocking those at the tree. By reading the Book of Mormon, and applying the stories to yourself in our day, you can determine what choices will make you more likely to fall into one of these four categories of people.


Nephi makes two records, one historical and one spiritual.


Lehi proves himself as a prophet by prophesying of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist. Do we believe the words of our current prophets and change our lives so that we live in preparation for the coming of Christ?


The Lord will show us the things he reveals to his prophets if we ask and are willing to act on his revelations to us. Have you received a witness of the calling of our current prophets? Has God revealed to you the things he’s revealed to them? If not, then pray to receive that witness.