About Tyler Despain and Third Hour

About Tyler Despain and Third Hour


I'm Tyler Despain. When I was called as Sunday School President for my local ward I had the inspiration to send out a weekly Come, Follow Me update. The purpose is to provide members of the Church a quick reference for lessons or activities to adhere to the guidance from President Russel M. Nelson surrounding the changes to the church schedule in 2018. Elder Quenin L. Cook detailed the announcement and changes in this talk.

That reduced the meeting schedule by an hour and at the same time we, as members, were instructed to have the third hour of church in the home. My goal as a Sunday School president was to inspire the members in my ward to do the third hour lessons each week and to take their in-home study of the gospel seriously.

I hope this weekly update will provide you with some inspiration on how to conduct your weekly lessons in your home. One thing I heavily impressed upon my ward members was the freedom you have to conduct gospel lessons as home. You are not restricted to lessons that would only be appropriate in a church setting. There are many things you can do outside of church that are appropriate on the Sabath that can help faciliate gospel learning in your family and spark gospel discussions that will give you opportunities to teach family members. It's also a fantastic time to spend DOING as opposed to just learning. Remember the purpose of gospel study is to become more like Christ and do as he would do. Get creative with your at-home lessons and use them as an opportunity to have your family apply the gospel lessons from the weekly Come, Follow Me scriptures. I hope these weekly guides can give you a spark of inspiration. If you have any suggestions for activities or any thoughts you would like to share, please send them to me at thirdhour@tdespain.com.

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