Prompts to help the creative juices flow. Pick one, pick two, pick 'em all! Post your stories (or links to them) in the comments. I'd love to read them!

A couple, lost in a gloomy wood with no food and limited water, come across an ancient tree with a single plump fruit.

A child raised in an underground mining colony breaks free to the surface to discover a functioning modern society flourishing above ground.

A person, and their subsequent generations, is given the power to shape shift by a mischievous god, on the order that they keep charge of the god’s earthly mission to prevent humanity's prosperity.

A traveler comes across a dilapidated temple in the middle of a sandy desert. The words “Here lies the final resting place of God” are etched across the entryway, and a whispering voice echoes from the halls within.

A pair of newlyweds buy a plot of land on the edge of a forest. As they start clearing the land to build their home the contractor refuses to keep working when he discovers one of his workers has gone missing on the land.

Van Helsing sneaks into Dracula’s room and lifts the coffin lid to deal the final blow when he discovers the woman he’s been chatting with over Tinder lying inside the coffin.

An Angel delivers a message to God: The Jews haven’t crucified Jesus, they're all following his teachings, and the Romans don’t really care.

The elevator has one button that no one ever pushes. It only says TOP. One day, the elevator operator gets curious and presses the button. The elevator continues up, past the top floor, dings, and opens up to the Greek Pantheon of gods who all turn to greet their new visitor.