James November 13-19

James November 13-19
Abraham on the Plains of Mamre, by Grant Romney Clawson

This letter is written to the Christian Jews of the early church. The letter has a strong focus on taking responsibility for your faith and outwardly showing that through righteous actions.


 How do you approach God? Is it with faith, or with doubt? You can choose which to put first, but if you put doubt first you should not expect God to answer.


Do you pray not to be tempted or pray to overcome your desires so you can avoid sin? We are blessed for the trials we endure and so long as we stay true and allow God to give us strength to overcome sin we will receive his good rewards.


When you pray, read scriptures, or go to Church, do you forget immediately your own image like a man looking in the mirror? Or do you make plans to be a doer of the word, and carefully look at the perfect law to keep yourself pure by serving as Christ does?


In what ways do you serve? In those ways are you treating others different because of something superficial?


What portions of doctrine do you have faith in, but struggle to act on? Faith is dead without righteous actions to prove it. How can you become more faithful through action?


When you pray and ask God for blessings, do you do with the intent to build His kingdom with the blessings received?